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All Natural Heartwormer by Effective Pet Wellness
Effective Pet Wellness

Effective Pet Wellness Canine Herbal Dewormers are comprised of Pet Clear and Clearacell, an industry first in comprehensive and safe deworming.  Finally, a way to rid and prevent heartworms-- Naturally!

What Sets Effective Pet Wellness Apart From Competitors?
At Effective Pet Wellness our commitment to continually developing more effective protocols and our very close relationships with our client base are what bring us and the animals we support success. We do not endorse any formula until it has been verified safe and that it works. Unfortunately, animal products can often be quite low quality. We choose to only use the highest, human grade, organic ingredients for ourselves and our animals. There should never be a compromise. We practice what we preach, and are committed to the holistic lifestyle. It permeates are daily lives. The regular influx of amazing testimonials is what brings us joy and moves us along.

How Often Should I Worm My Dog?
We recommend worming twice a year. Dogs are very curious and social creatures, and this curiosity can lead to parasite infestation. If you see that your dog is acutely infected for sure, we of course recommend deworming immediately. Your need to worm can go significantly down once the spay/neuter sites have been rehabbed by using our Interference Field Clearing Kit, which you can read about more on our site.

How Can I Prevent Worms… or even Heartworms?
Begin by creating as natural a life as possible for your pet. This way their natural immunity will strengthen and they will be more resistant to infection. However even the healthiest of dogs can pick up parasites. For this you will need both ClearaCell and Pet Clear! Pet Clear, in combination with Clearacell, completely clears all life cycles of the heartworm, from the larval stages, to microfilariae and adult— and any other kind of worms. Together, they even clear heartworms from inside cells. This is the missing key that makes heartworms so hard to treat and makes this combination of treatments so effective.

Canine Pet Clear
        Natural Dog Dewormer
        Completely eliminates all worms and parasites
        100% Organic
        GMO and Chemical Free
        Guaranteed Human Grade
        Zero Side Effects
        Only $35

        A breakthrough formula that allows for infections within cells to be cleared
        Only to be used in conjunction with Canine Pet Clear, Horse Clear or Feline Pet Clear
        Only $65

What If My Dog Already Has Heartworms?
Do not despair, but take immediate action. Our Heartworm KIT will cure your dog of heart worms, if used as directed. We are happy to work with you by phone to ensure complete success.

Canine Heartworm Kit
        Safely Eliminates All Life Cycles of Heartworms
        Does Not Require Any Downtime in a Kennel During its Usage
        100% Organic
        GMO & Chemical Free
        Guaranteed Human Grade
        No Side Effects
        Only $249!

Once a heartworm has crossed the cell membrane and taken up residence inside the cell, it becomes near impossible to remove from the body. Pet Clear, in combination with Clearacell, completely clears all life cycles of the heartworm, from the larval stages, to microfilariae and adult. Together, they even clear heartworms from inside cells. This is the missing key that makes heartworms so hard to treat.

What Makes The Canine Heartworm Kit Unique?
Personalized Care For Your Dog That is Both Safe and Effective— and Allows Your Dog To Be At Home With The Family Instead of Kenneled (and miserable!) at the Vet!
Heartworms are a very serious infection that require precise measures that work. These roundworms affect all dogs in different ways. We are committed to working with you one on one if need be to ensure the protocol goes soundly and that your dog is free of heartworms.

        There is no kennel time while using this treatment. Your dog can safely live as they normally do. This is because of how Pet Clear works. The worms are not killed and left to be inside your dog's tissues. This is very dangerous and is an attribute of conventional wormers. The Canine Heartworm Kit will dissolve the worms from the inside out, allowing their debris to be easily removed from the body

        It is 100% safe, unlike the chemical treatments available today that have a growing fatality rate associated with their use

        It is truly effective. The products will eliminate the worms within the cells of every tissue which is an industry first!

        Chemical treatments are harsh and destructive to various body systems- our is not. The herbs in these formulas work synergistically to enhance your dog's immune system and do not destroy the probiotic culture or damage the intestinal lining- a common effect of chemical treatments.

How do I Administer The Pet Clear and the ClearaCell?
Pet Clear and Clearacell are very easy to administer. Simply add the liquid measurement of Pet Clear and the Clearacell capsules (unopened) to your dogs food. Both products are palatable and we rarely find dogs that do not eat the whole thing unnoticed.

Make Sure Your Beloved Dog Is Worm and Heartworm Free and Call To Order Today!
Never before has worming your dog and preventing or treating heartworms been easier, more natural or safer. You’ll want to make Effective Pet Wellness a permanent “go to” source for for keeping your dog in optimal health- and heart worm free— naturally. Call us today and tell us about your dog!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
P.O. Box 1219
Crestone, Colorado 81131
Phone: 800-396-7497
Email: Scott@effectivepetwellness.com
Website: effectivepetwellness.com

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