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No Mo "O"

Nothing gets rid of the smell and stain of urine on carpets, floors, clothing, bedding and more, than No Mo "O"... and don't forget out great mattress covers for dogs that sleep in bed with you!

How Did No-Mo-O Come To Be?
Says Bonnie Parker, owner:
You are exactly who we were not long ago…Looking for a product that REALLY works for Urine problems, and hey, we all know that while it is a very real and universal thing, IT IS a Big Problem! So when we couldn’t find a good solution, we came up with No Mo “O”.

The good news is you have just happened on the best product (certainly in our opinion), for urine and many other stain and odor problems and your search can end here! Our quest began while looking for a reasonably priced product to help with the odors and stains associated with my 85 year old Dad’s incontinence. An everyday occurrence which finally became overwhelming and understandably so, to my Mother, who was my Dad’s, main caretaker. Through a lot of research and work, I developed No Mo “O”, which really works effectively, to completely eliminate the stains and odors associated with urine. My Mother, whose name just happens to be Renee, pronounced Rinee, was ecstatic about
No Mo “O”, so much that, she inspired me to develop our character “Urinee” who yells out YIPPEEE!!!! on our label and we advertise with the slogan “Urinee says, “When you’re in Urine, get ya some No Mo “O”!!!

The best part is we have found that No Mo “O” works fantastic for any Pet accident too! It’s just crazy all the things we now know it works on, literally we get testimonials daily, of how Great No MO “O” works!!

Why Should I Buy No-Mo-O Over The Competition?
At No Mo "O" we never knock a Competitor, because we feel Competition is a healthy part of doing business!  It keeps us working hard and honest about our product. We just like to tell how No Mo "O" came into being.  We could not find a product that worked on Urine Stains and Odors that my Mother had to deal with in her own home with my Father who spends most of his time in a wheelchair. There were products that did not work, some that worked okay, but you still had to cover up some of the odor with an air freshener of some sort, or they worked okay, but were so expensive I wasn't sure who could afford them. No Mo "O" works and it will eliminate the stain and odor if you can get it into the source of the problem. There is no residual odor except the fresh smell of NO Mo "O", and the price is very competitive!  We believe that once you try No Mo "O", THE CHOICE IS SIMPLE!

Can I Use No-Mo-O In My Horse Stall Or Trailer Too?
While many of our clients use No-Mo-O on stains and odors in their houses and business, many of our "pet" clients are finding that No-Mo-O works great in the stall and stable! Just listen to one of our customers!

Thanks for the sample of  No Mo"O".  The product did what you said it did. We used No Mo "O" to neutralize  the strong urine odor that our horses leave behind in our horse trailer. After cleaning it out and putting it up till the next use, it normally would retain the urine smell after washing it. We spray it on the mats that the horses stand on during transit and in the tack area. NO MO URINE ODOR .  Thanks to your product, its a pleasure to go into the horse trailer during a hot summer day.
-  Joel and April Solomon   Savannah, Ga.

Can I Use No-Mo-O In My Truck or Car?
 Yes I keep No Mo "O" in my car at all times!!  It not only removes the coffee stains that happen regularly, it just plains gets out whatever we have encountered.  The best part, is we have an old truck and when I say old, this truck has over 300,000 miles on it, but it is the most comfortable truck and we love it, but it had gotten very smelly from sweat and such as my husband is in the Construction business.  Well we have found that by spraying the seats periodically with No Mo "O", it doesn't just cover it up as a Air Freshener would, those little enzymes get right to work and make our truck smell wonderful!  No Mo "O" works great on any cloth upholstery.  I use No Mo "O" on my leather seats if something spills into the little tiny holes, however lightly, I prefer to use a true leather cleaner for the actual car of the leather. We have car detailers that love to use NO MO "O"!

So Can I Spray No-Mo-O Directly On Clothing and Bedding?
In most cases, No Mo "O" can be sprayed on Bedding and Clothing, but it is wise to test No Mo "O" on certain fabrics in a small spot versus assuming all fabrics are color fast.  We have not had any problems and actually have testimonials about using No Mo "O" on silk, however, we advise heavily to pretest the fabric.  No Mo "O" has been found to work on stains that nothing else had worked on, and we encourage everyone to follow the directions and if after the first treatment, for some reason, No Mo "O" does not remove the problem, RETREAT it as sometimes it does take more than one treatment.  To be clear, Bedding is the linens one would put on the Mattress.  No Mo"O" can be used directly on the Mattress if there is a stain especially Urine.  It would need to be sprayed and possibly poured into the problem area.  Then the area would need to be allowed to sit and if it is a large area, possibly taken outside to air and dry, or at least have fans blow if saturated.  No MO "O", if properly applied will usually remove the problem.  Make sure to use a No Mo "O" Mattress Protector on all Mattresses!

What If I Already Have Applied Other Odor And Stain Removers? Can No-Mo-O Still Work?
Yes! We even express on our No Mo "O" label, that in the event that another source of odor and stain remover has been used on a problem source, then No Mo "O" may not work as the stain/ odor may be set from the chemicals in the other cleaner, however, we have yet to find that No Mo "O" will not kick right in, get to work and still remove the problem!

What Other Things Can No-Mo-O Help Me With?
No Mo "O" was developed for the elimination of Urine odor and stains, however, we are very pleased that No MO "O" can do so many other wonderful things.  We have found that it removes an array of different stains that are caused by blood, dirt, grass, chocolate, red wine, ketchup, mustard, coffee and so many other common stain problems. 

We have found that No Mo "O" removes the smell of soured milk in car seats, it removes shrimp juice odor after simmering for two days in a hot trunk.  It has cleaned handbags, we have seen it remove the stinky odor of boys football uniforms after practice and games.  The list goes on and on, because daily we get new testimonials on the things No MO "O" removes!

What About A Mattress Pad?
No Mo "O" Mattress Protectors are the best Mattress Protectors you will find anywhere! Our Comfort Layer design encompasses the perfect combination to insure that your Mattress is protected from anything going through and your comfort is not sacrificed! The No Mo"O" first layer is 100% Cotton Terry-Comfort that absorbs moisture, and the No Mo "O" second layer is a breathable and waterproof membrane that protects against moisture and body fluids from penetrating and staining your mattress.

No Mo "O" Mattress Protectors protect against bacteria, they are Dust Mite proof, they are stretchable for easy fit and comfort. You can use them on all Visco Foam mattresses. They are machine washable and come with easy laundry instructions.  No Mo "O" Mattress Protectors come in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and upon special request, Twin XL, Full XL and California King are available! If you sleep with your Pet, No Mo "O" Mattress Protectors are a must!

Is No-Mo-O Safe And Non-Toxic?
Absolutely! No Mo "O" is Safe and Non Toxic!  It is also Non-Flammable, Non-Irritating, Biodegradable, and Cruelty Free!

Is No-Mo-O- Affordable?
Yes! Frankly, can you really afford to buy new every time you get a stain or odor? No-Mo-O saves you MONEY-- and at only $25.98 for TWO 16oz Bottles? (plus shipping) anyone can afford the long lasting benefits of No-Mo-O!!

What Does DognOwner.com Say About No-Mo-O?
Bonnie sent me a bottle of No-Mo-O and I couldn't be happier. I have a tiled area that my cats use for their litter box and no matter what I have done in past years, I could never get rid of the odor. I actually thought it was an "unfair" test as the odor had been there for years. But, I sprayed No-Mo-O on the tiles in that room-- and stood in amazement as the odor (and stained tile) became like NEW right before my eyes! No more smell! I was dumbfounded. Since then I use it on stains on clothing and bedding-- and haven't found anything that it didn't clear up. I highly recommend No-Mo-O to all my friends, family and anyone else!
Ann Pruitt- Director- DognOwner.com

Order No-Mo-O Today!
Find No Mo "O" in the very popular canine catalog In The Company of Dogs and other fine retailers. Don't hesitate to call- and let us take the stains and "O" (odor) out of your home, office, stable and cherished belongings! Call us today if you need any help getting No Mo "O" and we'll get it to you right away!

Contact: Bonnie Parker
1732 East President Street
Savanna, Georgia 31404
Phone: 912-236-6760
Email: sales@no-mo-o.com
Website: no-mo-o.com

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