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Pet memorials by Peternity Inc.
Peternity Pet Memorial Products

Losing a loved pet can bring sadness and grief, but at Peternity you can remember your special friend by honoring that love with a pet memorial.

About Peternity
Welcome to our Peternity family. We are a small, caring group who are dedicated to honoring and celebrating the love you share with your pets. Peternity.com was born out of a need to find a valuable vocation, a lifetime of understanding of deep grief, and a love for animals. Each of us has been touched by the loss of a beloved pet and understands the heartache of that loss. We are continually looking for unique, handcrafted pieces of art to express your love, joy and memories. Our standards are high. We search for items of the finest quality and workmanship. Whether it is a beautiful, hand turned wooden urn or a stunning glass memorial keepsake box, each piece has been lovingly crafted and personalized by the hands of an artist.

Pet Memorial Grave Markers
Laser Engraved Pet Grave Markers are available in Marble, Genuine River Rock, Cultured River Rock, Cultured Slate, Black Granite and Bluestone. We hand select each stone that we engrave to ensure that we're giving you the best that we can find. We want you to love your stone when it arrives. Our expert artisans laser engrave each stone with love and care and feel it an honor to offer you this service.

We understand that this is your last chance to honor the memory of your dear friend and that you want your pet grave marker to be perfect. We will work with you to ensure that all details are correct and will give you more than one opportunity to clarify your preferences.

Pet Cremation Urns
Pet urns are an expressive way to preserve your loved ones cremains. From Southern California to Newport, Rhode Island, we're on an endless search for cutting edge artisans creating top of the line memorial pet ash urns for you. From whimsical, to traditional, to ethereal, the range of styles in these one-of-a-kind, unique urns is as broad and special as the personality of each of your pets. We hope that you'll find a special pet urn that moves you and that is worthy of holding the remains of your precious, precious loved one.

Pet Keepsake Memorial Boxes
A meaningful and creative alternative to the traditional pet urn or pet grave marker. A pet keepsake box allows you to store your loved ones ashes (or cremains) in a special and sacred place. Our wooden photo keepsake boxes are big enough to also store your pet's favorite toys, collar, photos, or whatever is most significant to you. One style allows you to slip your own photo into the cover, and the other has an artistic rendition of your favorite photo permanently printed onto the box, right into the wood.

Pet Blankets
Dog lovers, cat lovers, horses, birds, rabbits, ferrets or hamsters! Whatever your favorite pet is, we have the perfect blanket for you. Curl up to read or watch TV in one of our cozy personalized pet blankets. We have one for your pet too! Snuggle into 4 lbs of recycled cozy cotton with a picture of your beloved pet wrapped around you, or wrap a lush chenille throw around you with words of affection discreetly embroidered in the corner. These all make wonderful gifts and can also be custom made for people, babies, birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine's Day. Use your imagination and have fun!

What Do Dog Owners Say About Peternity?
The memorial stone that we received for our beloved Grizz is beautiful. It is so much more than we even expected. Thank you for helping us to cherish memories of such a special little dog who was a major part of our family.
Tammy White

We have received the beautiful stone you created for Duke. It is beautiful and I have placed it in our family room on a small black easel so that we can see it often. Everyone who has visited our home has remarked about how unique and wonderful it is. I thank you, also, for the kind note you enclosed.
Denise Paswaters

Order Your Peternity
When you lose a prized member of your family you want to remember them with dignity and respect. At Peternity, we understand your loss and work tirelessly to make sure you have a personalized memorial that is best for you. We also offer grief support and pet adoptions to help you through the process. Visit our website today to give your loving friend the dignity they deserve.

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
417 Associated Road #A104
Brea, California 92821
Phone: 877-738-7322
Email: sales@peternity.com
Website: peternity.com

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