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Quality Canine Memorial Products By Pet Praise Memorials
Pet Praise Memorials

If you have suffered the loss of your canine friend and want to honor their memory with dignity,  Pet Praise Memorials will to help you with a dignified, lovely way to honor your pet.

About Pet Praise Memorials
Pet Praise Memorials has been providing pet cremation urns to the pet cremation industry since 2001. We are now in 43 states and Puerto Rico. We began by importing wooden pet urns from a friend and supplier in Romania. Pet Praise is the exclusive North American supplier of these wooden pet urns. As we developed close working relationships with our clients, we and our supplier developed design modifications and new models to better fill marketplace needs. From this relationship we developed successful products such as our picture urns and our laser engraved urns. As we grew in the industry, we have found other reliable, quality suppliers and now offer models in teak-type wood and brass from India. We stand by our quality and gladly replace any products that do not meet the standards of our customers, and we strive to keep a substantial inventory of products.

Pet Praise Memorial Urns
At Pet Praise Memorials we offer a large variety of our quality urns to fit your unique taste. Our Pinehurst Collection is available in natural, mahogany and oak finishes are we offer two sizes. We offer a 1” x 3” nameplate that comes in brushed brass or black brass. This collection is a fine way to remember your beloved pet. Our Belmont Series is also available in natural, mahogany and oak finishes and comes in four different sizes. This series comes with a standard 1”x 3” nameplate that can be updated for an additional charge. Both of these urn collections as well as our other collections would be lovely ways to remember your pet.

Pet Praise Memorial Figurines
At Pet Praise Memorials we offer beautiful figurines that look like your special pet. Our  Yellow Labrador Figurine is a 3” figurine that has the beautiful handcrafted detail that looks just like a beautiful yellow Labrador. Our White Poodle Figurine is a beautiful addition to any home and is a great tribute to your canine friend. For a complete list of our figurines please visit our website.

Pet Praise Memorial Pet Mementos
If you are looking for a unique way to memorialize your pet we offer our unique pet mementoes for you to remember your friend by. Our  Shadow Box is a wooden frame containing a photo for with a space for your pet’s information and an uplifting inscription. Also included in the box are your dog’s very own dog tags. Our Stairway Garden Memorial is made of Resin and is inscribed with an uplifting message that is a perfect for your memorial garden. This beautiful stone adds beauty and dignity to your garden and is the perfect way to remember your canine friend.

Is There A Warranty For Pet Praise Memorial Products?
Absolutely! Shop from home with the comfort of knowing that your order is backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you need to return or exchange an item, just contact our Customer Service department and you're done!

What Do Our Customers Say About Our Products?
The Loyalsock Animal Hospital has been using urns from Pet Praise Memorials for about two years. Our clients absolutely love them! They often mention the beauty of the wood grain. We are very pleased with the quality of the urns as well as the friendly and prompt service John and his staff have always provided.
Brenda King, Vet. Assistant,
Williamsport, PA

We received our shipment this week and we are very pleased with the urns we received. Our customers are very happy with our Arlington Series Urns and the prices we are able to give them. I wanted to let your know we enjoy working with your company, and we think your urns are great quality at a very reasonable price! We also like the new products you have added to your website, and look forward to continuing our relationship.
Kelly Curtis, Platinum Pet Memorial,
McKinney, TX

Order Your Pet Praise Memorial Product!
If you are looking for a unique way to remember your pet, you will find what you are looking for at Pet Praise Memorials! Whether you need an Urn, Figurine or a Pet Memento we have what you need at our website. Order today for a beautiful and unique way to remember your canine friend.

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
2815 Old Salisbury Road
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27127
Phone: 336-659-8486
Email: info@petpraisememorials.com
Website: petpraisememorials.com

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