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Roameo For Pets by White Bear Technologies
RoamEO Pet Location System

RoamEO is an exciting new product that enables dog owners to quickly and easily locate their pets.

About RoamEO
The RoamEO Location System is designed for pet owners to quickly and accurately locate their pets by using state-of-the art GPS technology. RoamEO displays the concise, easy to read information on a color LCD screen that allows you to locate your pet and shows you his current movements. Each RoamEO system consists of a portable, handheld receiver that displays information received from the GPS-enabled collar on your dog. The handheld device uses a color LCD to show the location, direction and velocity of your pet. RoamEO is designed to update readings every few seconds, giving you a continuous stream of real-time information.

RoamEO uses an ordinary collar that is equipped with GPS technology. Just snap the collar on your dog, turn it on, and RoamEO is operational. The RoamEO handheld unit can track up to three dogs simultaneously. A collar is required for each dog. RoamEO has been designed so that you can set up a GPS Fence. RoamEO uses GPS coordinates that you establish by walking the perimeter of your desired fence, and commits them to memory. If your pet exits this perimeter, an audible alarm will sound.

How Does RoamEO Work?
Each RoamEO system has two components: a portable, handheld receiver used by the pet owner and a special collar for the dog. The collar transmits GPS coordinates back to the receiver, where the information is translated and then displayed on the color LCD screen.

What Is The Range Of RoamEO?
In line of sight conditions, RoamEO has a range of one mile in all directions. Buildings, trees, and hills can affect the range of RoamEO, although every condition is unique and results will vary. If possible, we recommend that you test for range so that you have an understanding of this distance in the environment that you will be using your system.
What Happens If My Dog Goes Beyond The Range Of RoamEO?
RoamEO displays the last known location of your pet. If at any time your pet comes back into the range of the system-whether because you are moving toward him or he is moving toward you-RoamEO will resume tracking immediately.

What Is The GPS Fence?
The GPS Fence option allows you to establish an electronic perimeter for your pet. For example, this could be the perimeter of your yard or your property line. Once established, the fence will reside in the system memory. If you choose to activate your fence when your system is turned on, you will receive an audible warning if your dog exits the fence perimeter. RoamEO still tracks your pet, even without an active fence. You can store a fence in memory without activating it.

RoamEO Sounds Great, How Do I Order?
You can order directly from our website!

Order Your RoamEO System Today!
Don't suffer from the heartbreak of losing a dog when you can use the RoamEO system and have peace of mind. So what are you waiting for? Order Today!

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900 Long Lake Road, Suite 110
St. Pau, Minnesota 55112
Phone: 651-636-5695
Email: info@roameoforpets.com
Website: www.roameoforpets.com

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