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Quality Collars By Urban Pet Designs
Urban Pet Designs

Urban Pet Designs is committed to fulfill your expectations when buying your dogs collars.

About Our Company
Urban Pet Designs is a family owned and operated company founded on thirty years and three generations of experience in different areas of the Pet Industry. Our vast experience and continuous involvement with animals has assisted us in understanding the needs of pet owners and their canine companions. UPD is driven by the firm belief that the outstanding quality and durability of our products combined with our honest business ethics will exceed your expectations. We feel that pets are a very special and significant part of our lives. As a result, UPD is committed to designing and manufacturing products of the highest quality. We are proud to have our own pets sport the unique UPD line around town, and are confident you will too.
Urban Pet Designs is dedicated to bringing you the best collars and leashes, expertly handcrafted by artisans who dedicate themselves to producing exceptional products. Many of our lines are made with natural, vegetable tanned leather, and are environmentally safe. We have successfully balanced excellent craftsmanship, superb leather, and durable, elegant solid brass hardware within a down to earth price.

What Sets Urban Pet Designs Apart From The Competition?
Our products are different. Their look and quality are unique and we offer a wide variety of styles, sizes and prices, always with clear goals in mind-"comfort for pets and durability, style and fair prices for their owners"-Inside lined and padded collars make them very soft and comfortable on the dog's neck. Strong solid brass hardware makes them not only elegant and durable but also safe. We firmly believe that being real animal people makes us think and understand what pets and owners need and want.

Urban Pet Design Collars
At UPD we create collars keeping in mind what will be better for our dogs, what will look better on a large or small breed. We are dedicated to create the best products for our best friends. From fancy to elegant and from large to small. We design our collars and then we test them on our own dogs until we are happy not only with the way they look but how they feel when we touch them, how they react after our dogs wear them at home, the park, or when hiking. We named our collars after different cities and towns in the USA and like each city or town each collar is different from the other, has different characteristics that make them more fitting and appealing to your mascot, according to breed size, lifestyle or budget.

Here Is A Sample Of Some Of Our Lovely Collections

Albuquerque: Received it's name because of it's south western pattern style and colors. This collar is very soft, durable and affordable.

Boston: One of our top sellers. Hand braided and looks great in small or large breeds.

Carmel: A distinctive and elegant collar, one that our clients love, made for medium to large breeds, comes with the choice of 9 different breed studs.

Cheyenne: Beautiful light tan leather collar with turquoise embroidered pattern.

Dallas: Strong and durable, designed for large and powerful breeds. A collar that will last forever.

Denver: If you love simplicity you love Denver. Can't ask for a better quality collar/leash with a beautiful color that suits a dog's dark or light coat.

Hartford: So elegant and well finished; people love it and is extremely comfortable on the dog's neck.

Noah: This collar was names after our Golden Retriever. This collar is becomes buttery soft after some time, completely hand embroidered inside and out, earth tones and primary colors; will last your dog a lifetime. You can’t ask for a more unique and a better quality collar.

What Do Customer’s Say About Urban Pet Products?
It is unusual to see several lines for large breeds when most companies manufacture for small and medium breeds.

As you told us over the phone, the solid bronze hardware is not only good-looking but very strong for our Malamutes.

Being a pet boutique owner it was a great selling point when you showed me the collars your dogs and a couple of your clients had been using for years.

After Placing My Order, How Soon Can I Receive My Delivery?
We ship most orders within 5 business days, unless they are on backorder. Remember that all our lines are handmade and although we keep constant attention of our stock, we might be short of a specific size, color or quantity (the last for retailers). If this is the case, you will be notified via e-mail of an approximate shipping date and will be given the option to wait or cancel your order. If you decide to cancel your order, a refund for the full purchase price plus any applicable shipping charges will be processed immediately.

How Should I Care For My Urban Pet Design Leather Products?
From time to time the use of leather conditioner or other leather care products is suggested. Our products will last a very long time with proper care. Little scars and markings are all natural elements of the beauty of the leather. Time and again, leather has been proven to be the best material for animals to wear, due to the similarity to the dog's skin and also the supple texture, which is produced over time, by the mixture of the oil from the skin and the leather.

How Do I Determine The Proper Collar Size For My Dog?
We size our collars from the center bar of the buckle to the last hole. You can expect some adjustability with a new collar but in general they should fit comfortably. Over all, please use COMMON SENSE. The collar should not be so tight as to cause discomfort to the dog's neck. Nor should it fit so loose that the collar will slide off over the dogs head when the dog shakes its head, pulls, or makes any uncommon movement. Please, see our collar-sizing picture.

Is There Any Guarantee For Your Products?
We guarantee our products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. Products that are misused cannot be guaranteed.

Order Your Urban Pet Design Collar Today!
If you are looking for a quality dog collar with a unique look and style then look no further then Urban Pet Designs! Our collars are hand crafted to make the best collar possible and no matter what your taste you will find what you are looking for in our huge variety of collars. So don't wait, order today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
P.O.BOX 4340
Costa Mesa, California 92628
Phone: 866-728-7226
Email: sales@urbanpetdesigns.com
Website: urbanpetdesigns.com

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