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Velcro Reflectors by Magnum Plastics, Inc.
Safety Reflectors for Dogs

Keep yourself and your dog safe in the dark by using Velcro Reflectors by Magnum Plastics, Inc.!

How Did Velcro-Reflectors Come To Be?
Magnum Plastics Inc CEO and creator of Velcro-Reflectors Gary Castelle shares how he came up with the idea for the product:

A friend of mine purchased a reflective leash, which I thought was a great idea but when I saw it,  there were a few things I didn't like about it.  The first  problem I noticed was that the reflective strip was thin and only on one side of the leash.  Also, it was made from reflective fabric which was rapidly losing its effectiveness due to hand wear and dirt.  Lastly, and this might only be a problem to me, was that I have used the same leashes for 3 generations of dogs and I like that fact.  I started looking for similar items and the only ones I found either required batteries, were not shatterproof or attached only to a dogs collar as a tag.  I didn't want anything that had a battery that could be swallowed or could shatter and one of my dogs is so fluffy, I have to bury my hand in a few inches of fur just to find his collar and tags.  One evening, a short time later, I was in my car behind a school bus and I noticed how my headlights really lit up the special reflective tape that was used to pinstripe the bus.  I thought it was great but I didn't want to simply wrap my leash in tape for several reasons including the slickness and fear the it would eventually begin to unwrap leaving a stick mess.  So I started making prototypes of various clips that could be used to attach a soft, safe reflector to a leash.  Several months and many versions later, I was just about to give up.  Nothing that could be produced inexpensively enough and still meet all my criteria.  At this time, my chronic wrist problem, from an industrial accident in my youth, was flaring up.  I have a brace that I occasionally use when this happens.  As I was putting it on, I  admired just how securely the Velcro straps held it in place and it hit me that this was how to attach a soft, safe reflector.  I requested samples of every type of Velcro and every reflective material I could find.  When I had the ones that I wanted to use, I had to devise and built an apparatus that mates them together and finally I had the leash reflector I wanted.  I started to show it to people and everyone who saw it, came up with a different use.  Parents saw it as a child safety device, joggers saw it as a fitness accessory, horse people saw used for horses and so on.   I even surprised myself when the hook side of one fell onto my wool hat and stuck like magic.

Our reflectors are made from either red, white or gold Diamond Grade reflective material, certified by the United States Department of Transportation mounted onto Velcro hook and loop.  This allows them to be wrapped around any strap such as a halter or bridal or even your horses tail.   For dogs, wrap them around a leash, collar or harness.  For people, they can be wrapped around backpack or other luggage straps, umbrella tubes, earphone wires, the handle of a trick or treat pumpkin and many other commonly worn or carried items.  The hook-sized reflectors can also be used alone to attach to any wool items such as sweaters, hats and scarves.  Made in the USA, these inexpensive reflectors are extremely light weight, shatterproof, weather proof, easy to clean, require no batteries and are designed to last for years.  They can easily be transferred from one item to another and they are available in circles or rectangles with rounded corners for safety.

Are They Easy To Attach?
The reflectors simple to attach in seconds.  Just peel them open, wrap them around any strap and press to close. These reflectors can be attached and reattached depending on your needs.

Where Can I Put My Velcro-Reflectors?
These Velcro-Reflectors are so versatile you can pretty much put them anywhere! Here are a few places of many you can use them:

   Attach to Halters
   Attach to your Bridle
   Attach to a few strands of horse tail to reflect car lights
   Attach to a few strands of horse mane
   Attach to your Helmet or Riding Hat
   Attach to your horse's leg wraps
   Attach to your clothing
   Stick to your saddle pad
   Be sure to wear on trail rides!
   Attach to your dog collar or leash-- or dog apparel
   Visors & baseball hats
   Virtually any strap, string or thin handle

How Long Do Velcro-Reflectors Last?
They last for years.  The reflective material is guaranteed for 7 years and the Velcro is guaranteed for 5000 open/closings.

What Do Customers Say About Velcro-Reflectors?
Walking is the most popular exercise.  These reflectors make it safer for walkers and joggers
Lisa L.  Owner, Kor Fitness

I want all of our customers t be aware of this great product
Carol L., Greenwood Lake Animal Hospital

For just a couple of dollars, its a great way to help keep your children safe
 Melanie C., DeKalb County School District

Order Your Velcro-Reflectors Today!
For more information about Velcro-Reflectors and to place your order, please visit our website below!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
13 Erica Lane
Greenwood Lake, New York 10925
Phone: 917-653-5600
Email: sales@sillshield.com
Website: Click Here To Connect

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